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Vodka "Tsarskaya" entered the top 30 global vodka brands according to Spirits Business

4 August 2023

The Spirits Business has published a list of the best-selling alcoholic brands in the world. Vodka "Tsarskaya" has entered the top 30 global vodka brands with 1.6 million 9-litre cases, showing a growth of 11.7% compared to 2021.

The alcohol sector faces new challenges in 2022, but this has not prevented the main players from achieving impressive volume increases. "The strategy of product sovereignty and technological independence, which has become crucial for our company in the long term, and the increase in our production capacity are showing their results. We are seeing strong momentum in a number of key areas, particularly in the production of our locomotive product - Tsarskaya vodka," commented Veniamin Grabar, President of LADOGA. Earlier, the growth in global sales of Vodka "Tsarskaya" was recognised by Drinks International. "Tsarskaya" was included in the top 30 global vodka brands of The Millionaires Club 2023, whose sales exceeded one million 9-litre cases.