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The finalists of the Roullet Bartender Challenge 2021

7 February 2022

The long-awaited moment has come to announce the finalists of one of the biggest bartending competitions in Russia – the Roullet Bartender Challenge 2021! The theme was set by the significant date for the cognac house Roullet - the eve of the 250th anniversary of Roullet.

Compared with last year, the competition has grown both in terms of geography and the number of submissions by 2.5 times - the magic of numbers 250 anniversary of Roullet. The gastronomic pairings aroused the admiration of the judges. The Challenge participants proved that cognac is a beverage with great potential for making cocktails – bright, sophisticated and memorable.

According to the Roullet Bartender Challenge the best bartenders are:

·         Center: Andrey Kobyakov, Fine Coffee Bar, Moscow

·         North: Maria Milatskova, Orthodox Russian Bar, Saint Petersburg

·         South: Victoria Commissar, London Bar, Sochi

·         Tatarstan: Polina Vasilyeva, Relab bar, Kazan

·         Ural: Konstantin Orlov, gastrobar DOM, Chelyabinsk

·         Siberia: Maxim Yagolnik, Fresca bar, Tyumen

Each finalist will get a special prize from Roullet Cognac house and certificates for the "Modern Bar Technologies" course. The best bartender will be announced at the ceremony of the «WhereToEat Russia» restaurant award on February 22. The winning cocktail will become the main drink at the events dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Roullet Cognac House and the winner will receive the grand prize of 250,000 rubles!