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Russian gin conquered Mauritius

16 December 2020

On November 28, Mauritius hosted the annual music festival La Isla 2068 for the third time. So the inhabitants of the island began to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their independence from UK a little beforehand. Obviously, Mauritians know a lot about celebrations. And Barrister Gin produced by LADOGA Group supported the Festival as the partner of the event. The signature BARRISTER BAR at the festival was organized by Oxenham, the official importer of Barrister Gin in Mauritius, and allowed several thousand young and active visitors to experience Russian gin neat and in cocktails during the whole event.

Not only Russian vodka is appreciated abroad. Other spirits are gradually conquering the market. For example, Barrister gin, which is great to drink both in pure form and in cocktails. The wide range of the brand includes gins based not only on classic botanicals, but as well on Russian traditional botanicals growing not far from the distillery - linden, chamomile and oregano.

Create a festive atmosphere with the Barrister Gin!