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Masa Cocktail collection - Apsinthe Mule

28 July 2020

Our partner in Bosnia - Masa company - has started to make a video with brand ambassador Senadin Klicic, who makes cocktails on our products. The first video is dedicated to Absinthe Mule - a cocktail based on Fruko Shulz Absinth.

Absinthe Mule is an herbal liqueur with a 70% of alcohol. This drink has always given additional inspiration to artists. However, if you mix the absinthe with a refreshing ginger ale and fresh lime juice, whose acid helps to balance any cocktail, you will get a strong but spicy and refreshing mix. The great cocktail for a poolside party or picnic, it's easy to prepare. The impression of the cocktail can be enhanced with fresh mint and a slice of lime. The cocktail is suitable for both men and women.