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LADOGA vodka conquered Colombia

23 November 2021

In October the 24th Pan-American Cocktail Congress was held in Colombia, where products of LADOGA company were presented. The event took place at the Termales El Otoño Hotel in Manisales and its aim was to show the perfect alcohol for cocktails to the bar industry representatives. The congress included lectures, tastings and competitions, more than 100 bartenders from 25 countries of South and North America took part. LADOGA company presented its vodka of the same name.

LADOGA is a popular brand in export markets. Nowadays, the vodka is supplied to some countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Deliveries to Colombia have recently started, but LADOGA vodka won the sympathy of consumers and the professional community. Vodka from the first batch went to the Pan-American Congress to announce the new product in Colombia among professionals. According to the commercial director of Colombian liquor distributor Vinpar, Cesar Jimenez, "just two months after its introduction to the local market, LADOGA vodka has become the second best-selling vodka in the country and it is continuing to gain momentum rapidly.

LADOGA vodka can be purchased in Colombia's largest supermarket chain D1, which has more than 2,000 stores in the country. The first batch of 43,000 bottles is almost sold out. The total volume of supplies in the second half of 2021 will be more than 100,000 liters.