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Ladoga’s brands in annual IWSR report

9 June 2020

International Wine&Spirit Research agency issued Russian drinks market analysis 2019, where Ladoga’s brands proved its leading positions in various categories. 

Ladoga’s main volume growth driver brand - Vodka “Tsarskaya”/ “Imperial” - increases in sales year by year and takes the largest share in the domestic market in its category (according to the results of 2019 -  34%, 1,3 million 9-litre cases). The brand firmly holds the 1st place among premium vodkas in Russia. In 2019 for the first time flavored vodkas “Tsarskaya” entered top-10 best selling vodkas in Russia, reaching  38,49 thousands 9-litre cases.

Barrister gin keeps leading position in its category, increasing considerably the gap between the nearest pursuers. In 2019 brand’s sales reached 124 thousands 9-litre cases, it has added 74 thousands cases since 2018. Barrister holds 32% share of Russian gin market.

Speaking about imported assortment of Ladoga’s portfolio, it is worth mentioning the success of Fruko Schulz production line of liqueurs for bars and restaurants. For the 5th year in a raw Czech brand firmly holds the 1st place among production range for bars and restaurants with market share 48,4 %  leaving behind its world-famous competitors.

For the first time brand Roullet entered Russian top-10 of best-selling cognacs. Despite mass audience it is one of the most difficult drinks categories. Consumers are more likely to be conservative and they do not tend to experiment. But thanks to hard work of Ladoga Distribution team, products of Roullet cognac house managed to find its own auditory and build rout to customers, challenging top-10 leading world brands. Roullet reached 5 thousands 9-litre cases, increasing by 36% comparing to last year.

Besides, Ladoga holds leading positions in Flavored Spirits category - the segment includes alcohol drinks with strong flavor and taste: infusions, bitters, liquors, absinth, calvados, limoncello, aperitif etc. According to the results of 2019 Ladoga’s sales in this category reached 330 thousands 9-litre cases, company holds 6,3% share of this market in Russia.
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