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LADOGA at the Shanghai Cocktail Festival

10 December 2021

The world's biggest liquor brands met in Shanghai. The grandiose 9-day party (26/11-4/12) - Drink Master Olimpic - covered 22 renowned bars, where popular bartenders from all over Shanghai gathered all cocktail lovers. LADOGA products were presented at 7 venues, where guests tasted drinks based on BARRISTER gin, Imperial Gold and Ladoga vodka.

The event is widely regarded as brightest and largest cocktail celebration in Shanghai's. It was held in the well-known areas of the metropolis: Bund, Lujiazui, Xingtiandi, Jing'an and Xuhui. Two dozen famous Shanghai cocktail bars with internationally known foreign liquor brands demonstrated the best cocktails in various styles to the public.

LADOGA and Imperial Gold are popular vodka brands in export markets, particularly in China. Nowadays, these brands of vodka are supplied to Europe, South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean. BARRISTER gins also gained popularity abroad. According to IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Research), since 2018 BARRISTER gin has confidently retained the sales leadership in the Russian market, leaving the world-famous brands behind. Due to international recognition, BARRISTER has become the first Russian-made gin ever to be put on the world gin map. Today, apart from China, it is supplied to Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia and many other countries.