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Collaboration of the Roullet cognac house and the famous French artist Zafi

17 March 2021

For almost 250 years, cognac masters have been creating the great Roullet cognacs. The secret of the legendary Roullet cognac house's success is the union of old family traditions, modern solutions and craving for art. There is ample evidence of how spirits inspire artists, poets and writers. And now the Roullet cognac house is planning a collaboration with the famous French artist Zafi.

“The world needs color because color heals hearts, soothes and makes people happy,” says Zafi. The March issue of Famous magazine presents his collaboration with the Roullet cognac house. These are photographs of his paintings, placed in the cellar among the authentic barrels of the Roullet cognac house. According to the artist, creation stimulates and color makes people smile. Therefore, he uses bright colors in his works, thanks to which he is still very lively and overflowing with desire to take a bite of life, which is a creation.

“If all goes well, I will sign with my work a limited edition of a prestigious bottle of Cognac for the anniversary of one of the oldest cognac houses which is over 200 years old. An international event, I`m already very proud and excited,” – Zafi said about the joint project with the Roullet cognac house.