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1 December 2021

LADOGA's BARRISTER SLOE GIN was presented for the first time at a prestigious international competition. This exquisite drink immediately won the top award - Master at The Gin Masters competition held in the UK.

In October 2021, the British publication The Spirits Business hosted The Gin Masters competition to identify the best gin producers and award outstanding brands on the world stage. The awards were decided by a renowned spirits market experts. BARRISTER SLOE GIN certainly won a landslide victory.

BARRISTER SLOE GIN - made with the addition of blackthorns (wild plums), carefully picked after the first frosts in the Caucasus and delicately infuriated for a long time in BARRISTER DRY gin. That is why BARRISTER SLOE GIN has a dark ruby color. Its rich, intense, sweet flavor is filled with tones of almonds, cloves, sloe, herbs and spices. The taste is smooth, fruity, with good structure, notes of blackthorn and a balanced aftertaste. BARRISTER SLOE GIN is suitable for drinking pure, as an aperitif, in cocktails or as a perfect complement to desserts.