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BARRISTER Organic – sustainable development

23 December 2021

LADOGA embarks on a course of sustainable, eco-friendly development and launches a new product on the market - BARRISTER Organic. The new concept involves using only natural botanicals and certified organic alcohol as well as completely eco-friendly packaging.

BARRISTER Organic is the first organic release Russian-produced in LADOGA's portfolio and the first organic BARRISTER GIN in premium segment: recommended retail price per 1 bottle is 1600 rubles. The debut batch of 5,000 bottles will come off the production line in St. Petersburg in December. The novelty will be available for all sales channels.

The new BARRISTER Organic gin is more than a distillate of organic spirits. This is a unique concept created in care for nature. LADOGA has developed a product that fully meets the requirements of our customers in terms of environmental safety. Regarding the packaging, sustainability has also become a global trend, which LADOGA has included in its corporate social responsibility agenda. The bottle is made with 100% recycled glass. The hand-applied wax, labels and packaging paper from recycled raw materials and recyclable also reflect the manufacturer's respect for the environment.

BARRISTER Organic is a drink with a unique mild taste and aroma of juniper berry, fresh lemon peel, coriander, cinnamon, cumin, anise and cardamom. To emphasize the aroma and taste herbs in the BARRISTER gin, aromatic spirits are created from each ingredient first and then blended according to the classic English recipe. Each ingredient in BARRISTER Organic and exclusively natural botanical has been thoughtfully selected and thoroughly tested for sustainability.

Taste and appreciate the pure and natural taste of BARRISTER Organic, created with great love and care for nature.