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Andrey Kobyakov - winner of the Roullet Bartender Challenge 2021

25 February 2022

Hundreds of entries, 12 cities, 6 finalists and only one best cocktail!

In the year of the 250th anniversary of Roullet Cognac House, Roullet Bartender Challenge competition attracts and unites talented bartenders from all over Russia. It grows every year, becomes bigger and more dynamic.

The panel of respected judges evaluated the performances and works according to five criteria - appearance, concept, compatibility with the gastronomic pairing, reproducibility and overall impression.

Each of the finalists' cocktails is worthy of gracing the bars of the best places. Videos of the finalists' standout performances can be viewed on the Roullet Bartender Challenge Instagram account.

The Roullet Bartender Challenge proved that cognac is not only a flawless classic, but also a drink with infinite potential for cocktail making. Congratulations to Andrey Kobyakov for brilliantly realising this idea.

The winner received a well-deserved award of 250,000 rubles and each finalist got special prizes from the Roullet cognac house.