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Aficionado's choice: Roullet cigar cognac is now in Russia

17 September 2021

LADOGA has brought to Russia a special limited edition cognac, that pairs with cigars perfectly. The idea to make a special release was given to Franck Valente, the blend master at the Roullet cognac house, by the representatives of the Russian cigar community.

Russian aficionados always wanted to get an aged strong drink that works best with a cigar. In the autumn of 2020, LADOGA, the exclusive distributor of Roullet cognac in Russia, organized a series of blind tastings in the cigar clubs of Ural, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and St. Petersburg. Nine months later, a miracle happened, a cognac made of grapes from the prestigious Appellation Grande Champagne of 1997 harvest, poured from a single cask, natural and intended to be a perfect match with a cigar.

Cognac natural strength 50 percent alcohol with an open, clean, fresh and lively aroma with notes of flowers, light dried fruits, caramel, gingerbread and fragrant spices. Its balanced and warming taste with nuances of citrus, raisins and apricots is flavored with ginger and spices. The aftertaste is long, warming, with hints of black and white pepper. There were 338 samples of this exceptional cognac bottled, that's how many the barrel held. Each one was sealed with wax and numbered.

"Choice 2020" will be historic, because this project not only marked the beginning of friendship between the French cognac house and the Russian afficionados, but it is also considered to be a remarkable event for the 250th anniversary of the Roullet cognac house, both in the birthplace of Roullet - Fussignac, and in Russia.

A special release has already arrived to Russia. Some bottles are exclusively reserved for those who participated in the tastings and chose this drink. These are a number of independent experts and representatives of cigar clubs and lounges:
• "South Ural" Club Chelyabinsk
• "Moscow Afisionados" Club
• "OUR Cigar Club" Moscow
• "Moscow Cigar Club"
• "Gorky" Club N. Novgorod
• "Chkalov" Club N. Novgorod
• "Horse Power" Club St. Petersburg
• "La Casa del Habano" Club Ekaterinburg
• "Cigar&Porto Lounge" N. Novgorod
• "Davidoff" St. Petersburg

One of the bottles will be preserved in the Roullet cognac house to show this standard of excellence and the unique quality of the real cigar cognac to the future generations.