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250 years of the Roullet Cognac House

13 December 2021

Next year the Roullet Cognac house will celebrate its 250th anniversary. It’s a moment to look back proudly at the many milestones of history. Roullet started its journey in the Cognac region in far 1772, and could retain its essence - an expression of the spirit of its terroir, an unwavering commitment to quality and a respect for tradition.

This celebration will pass according weeks of events covering both Roullet’s homeland, Foussignac, and the 2 capitals of Russia. These will mainly include art projects with artists, the Roullet Bartender Challenge competition with an expanded geography of participants and an impressive sum of 250,000 rubles as prize money, a range of gastronomic dinners where gourmet cuisine will be tailored specifically to Roullet cognacs, and a major celebration in Foussignac in October 2022. Today, the Roullet cognac house is preparing to release a limited edition of collectible series of cognacs with a special festive decoration.

The Roullet family obtained possession of their first vineyard in the 18th century. Having begun distilling its own vintage of «eau-de-vie», Paul-Frédéric Roullet had established a cognac house by 1772. Later, having built close relations with the royal court and secured the patronage of Napoleon Bonaparte himself, the cognac house survived the French Revolution and got a patent from the Republic to distill and supply cognac in 1791, including for the imperial army.