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Barrister Old Tom Gin

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Россия Russia
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Barrister Old Tom Gin

Barrister Old Tom Gin represents the rare category of gin.

Production in small batches allows to make a unique gin, which follows the traditions of Barrister gin and maintain exceptional quality of drink.

A botanical's bouquet makes gin Barrister rmore expressive and memorable.

In accordance with the Old Tom category, this gin is slightly sweeten to make taste more round and rich.

Taste and Aroma

Black pepper and allspice, nutmeg, almonds and cubeb pepper are added to the main ingredients of gin to highlight it’s spicy and oriental character

Available 500 ml; 700 ml


Gold Medal: The GIN Masters Contemporary 2018
Silver Medal: World Gin Awards (Old Tom category) 2019
Silver Medal: IWSC - International Wine&Spirit Competition 2018
Silver Medal (Old Tom category): The GIN Masters 2018
Silver Medal: Beverage Tasting Insitute 2018
Silver Medal: The GIN Master 2017
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