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2000 HL

Production capacity is about 2000 HL 100% (100% alcohol) cognac spirits per year.

Production of cognac in France  Sas Les Vignobles Reunis

Sas Les Vignobles Reunis company includes two cognac houses with centuries-old history - Roullet, which produces cognac since 1780, and Favraud, which distil and supply cognac since the XIX century.

The company has more than 200 hectares of its own vineyards, which are located in subregion Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. The main grape variety here is Ugni Blanc followed by Colombard which is famous for its rich fruit flavor

The company has all machinery and equipment, tanks and storage premises required  for the maintenance of the vineyards, grape harvesting, vinification, distillation and ageing of cognac spirits.

5 discontinuous distilling devices are used for distillation purposes. Their capacity is about 500 hectoliters (100% alcohol) of cognac spirits per month.

The cognac spirits are aged in 400 L oak barrels. Over 20% of the barrels are replaced by new ones every year. In total, the company possesses over 2000 barrels.

Favraud Cognac House



Farvaud Cognac House produces  VS, VSOP and XO cognacs.

Farvaud Cognac House manufactures cognacs made from cognac spirits which originate from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois subregions owned by Earl Les Vignobles Reunis. Usage of cognac spirits from our own vineyards guarantee high quality of products.

As legend has it, the future founder of Favraud Cognac House Jean Favraud started elaborating the blend of his cognac in the early 1850s. In the process of beverage creation Jean Favraud used spirit produced from the grapes grown in the patrimony of the Favraud family - Château de Souillac in the Cognac province.

Ladoga group imports cognac from  Favraud  in Russia since 2012 

For convenience of customers cognac is bottled in bottles of different volumes (5 cl; 20 cl; 35 cl; 50 cl and 70 cl).

Cognac house has its own distribution network.


Cognac House Roullet

The license for cognac

The license for cognac supply to the Grande Armée of Napoleon

The history of Roullet Сognac House dates back to the XVIII century to a place called Le Goulet in the village of Foussignac located to the north of Jarnac in the Cognac region. Napoleon Bonaparte was known to become one of the first connoisseurs of the Roullet Cognac House. Thanks to these ties, the Roullet company survived the French Revolution and received the Republic's license to distil and supply cognac in 1791. Roullet became one of the suppliers for the Bonaparte and Napoleon armies.

Historically the Cognac House's vineyards are situated in the so-called Gold Triangle of Fins Bois near Foussignac.

Despite being a modern company that takes into account the market trends and consumer preferences, the House still remains committed to the family age-old traditions. Mathias Paul Roullet, the ninth generation, keeps a watchful eye on the «eaux-de-vie» and perpetuates his family traditionsом Roullet.

Roullet Cognac House produces V.S. Amber Gold, V.S.O.P., X.O., Reserve de Famille cognacs, and diverse millesimes which have been given the highest tasting points by the industry experts.

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